Site Updates

29th Oct 2020

  • Added follow scroll for dashboard settings header
  • Fixed bug in queue locking
  • Fixed bug in user sign up (dark mode setting)
  • Improved "Aw, Snap!" instructions on debug
  • Improved documentation linking in dashboard
  • Updated Chinese Simplified, Korean and Spanish translations

31st Dec 2018

  • Added setting to force reCAPTCHA on contact page
  • Added password protected albums to listing
  • Fixed bug in logout system (Cookie and Session handling)
  • Added Hebrew translation
  • Fixed bug in contact page (recaptcha)
  • Added album image sort A-Z
  • Added bulk content importer
  • Updated French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese (Brazil) translations
  • Updated Chinese Simplified translation
  • Added new login/sign-up page design
  • Added password strength color indicator level
  • Improved listing performance by using "seek" method

23rd July 2017

  • Fixed broken link to contact page on tos page
  • Improved performance for albums
  • Fixed bug in alphabetical album sort
  • Fixed bug in album when showing embed content
  • Added alphabetical sort order for albums